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Paleo Meal Plan without Seafood
(21 entrees, 8 veggie sides, 2 snacks)

Paleo Meal Plan with Seafood
(21 entrees, 8 veggie sides, 2 snacks)

Auto Immune Protocol Meal Plan
(21 entrees, 8 veggie sides, 4 snacks)

When high concentrations of homocysteine build up in the bloodstream, cells that line the blood vessels are damaged. This is the initial injury on the road to heart attacks and strokes. Unlike any vegetarian or vegan diet, the paleo diet provides our bodies the B-12 we need to keep homocysteine levels down. Paleo on the Go’s grass-fed beef and other pastured meats are a great source of nutrients including B-12.

Dave Rohde
CEO - Paleo on the Go