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How I Use Paleo on the Go!

Matt from Los Angeles, California is a business professional and doesn’t have time to cook, so a paleo food delivery company is perfect for him. He eats Paleo On The Go most meals of the day and also enjoys some pre made paleo snacks in between meals. When he goes on a business trip, he orders Paleo On The Go frozen meals and has it delivered to his hotel ahead of his arrival.

Sara from Oak Creek, Wisconsin loves to cook at home for her family. But between kids and work, some days she just can’t find the time. At moments like this, she relies on Paleo On The Go for chef-made, prepared paleo meals that are ready to heat, right from her freezer. Sara also orders POTG to have pre-made Paleo meals while on vacation. This frees up time and energy to spend more time with her family and not coming up with a paleo diet food plan and recipe for the entire week. Sara replaced her coffee with bone broth recently.  Her kids even like to drink a cup of bone broth with breakfast. 

Caroline from St. Pete, Florida is a recent college grad and an athlete. One Paleo On The Go meal plan gives her 20 days of prepared paleo meals for dinner to look forward to after pushing through tough training sessions. 

Kristina from Saratoga, New York loves to bring her Paleo On The Go meals to work for lunch. It saves her the hassle of trying to find quality options during her short lunch break. The Butternut Squash Lasagna is her absolute favorite.

Diane from Seattle, Washington is too sick with an autoimmune condition to cook. She orders the auto immune protocol meal plan with grass fed beef bone broth and eats Paleo On The Go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Paleo diet food delivery is a necessity for her. 

Ed from Crystal Lake, Illinois cooks about half the time and eats POTG the other half. As an athlete, Ed likes to include starchy carbs with his post workout meal. The Paleo On The Go meal plan works very well for his dietary needs.

Andrea from Seattle, Washington eats Paleo On The Go prepared paleo meals for lunch and dinner 4 to 5 days a week. She also includes grass fed beef bone broth with most dinners to help heal her gut.