30 Day Elimination Diet Plan

30 Day Meal Plan Challenge

Looking for a better feeling you?

Feel the way your body is designed to feel with our 30-Day Elimination Meal Plan Challenge. The plan is easy, simple and convenient to follow. Delicious suggested recipes provided + fully prepared meals = results! Submit your email to the right and we'll send you 30 days of meals designed to eliminate the foods that might be holding you back from improving your health, boosting your quality of life and maintaining your natural weight.

Here's what you'll get with your sign up:

1. Meal by meal planning complete with answers for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 30 days!

2. One or two pre-made meals per day (depending on the option of your choice) delivered by Paleo on the Go.

3. Links to delicious recipes from awesome paleo/AIP peeps.


I love food, I love flavor but with an auto immune condition it makes it challenging. I have a busy job, busy family and was tired of preparing food for 3 different tastes, in comes POTG and all I have to do is make one food for the family and grab mine and go.“ the food has so much flavor and the meats are so moist. Thank you POTG for making my life deliciously easy!                        -Jennifer A., CT


I ordered this plan to help me jump start the first of the year. Loved everything, wonderful taste and easy to rewarm. I was more than satisfied with the portions. I work 12 hrs shifts, it was easy to transport and rewarm at work. Co-workers wanted my food. I recommend this plan for everyone who is doing a 30 day challenge and has a difficult time planning meals.                                                -JoAnn D., GA