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POTG Meal Subscription Plan ($555 value for $500)

POTG Meal Subscription Plan ($555 value for $500)

On sale$500.00
Retail Price:$555.00
Your Savings:$55.00(10%)
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To properly initiate a recurring order and take advantage of the added value, you must do two things: 1. choose a frequency from the drop down menu, and pay directly with your credit or debit card, not with your PayPal account.

This product is in the meal plan category, but it is not a meal plan.  It is a discounted subscription based gift certificate that will be manually sent to you. 

After you order your $500 subscription plan and every time it recurs, the POTG staff will process the order and send you a gift certificate for $555 of store value within 24 hours.  You then use this code to order your chosen menu items. 

You have to choose a frequency to activate the recurring function (7, 15, 30, or 45 days)....If you don't, we will send you a gift certificate for the exact amount that you bought ($500).  PayPal is not enabled to be used for our RECURRING payment/auto-delivery option.  Please enter credit/debit card directly.    

CANCELLATION POLICY:  There is a 28-day cancellation period for 30-day recurring order (cancel within 48 hours of your previous order), and a 12-day cancellation period for 15-day recurring orders (cancel within 48 hours of your previous order). Cancellation can take place only AFTER your SECOND order processes. You can cancel by contacting POTG at If you purchase a subscription plan on special, the specials are based on five recurring orders from the date of enrollment or the date you resubscribed. The additional savings will be sent out with the initial subscription. The subsequent subscriptions will be for the additional amount of $555.

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