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Paleo Meal Subscription Plans

If you like additional perks and savings with the flexibility of choosing what you want to add to your cart our subscription plans are for you! Sign up for our subscription service and get 10% off on all of your orders!

The details on how it works...

1. Choose which subscription deal you want; either $300 or $500.

2. Choose how frequently you'd like to fill your cart with delicious meals (15 or 30 days).

3. Place your order for the subscription plan only.  We don't mind if you want to order additional items from our awesome store, however this must be done separately from your subscription. Plus, you'll be able to use your code (see below) we issue with added bonus cash to order all of the a la carte items, meal plans, and best variety packs your heart desires. PayPal is not enabled for this program.

4. Check your email! We'll be sending you a gift certificate for $333 in store value for your $300 subscription, and/or $500 in store value for your $555 subscription (within 24 hours). Upon receipt of code, place your order for any amount of product.  

5. Use your code for any product in our store!

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POTG Meal Subscription Plan ($555 value for $500)
$555.00  $500.00
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POTG Meal Subscription Plan ($333 Value for $300)
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$333.00  $300.00
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